“Cableways – top level of safety”

In the spring-time 2022 OITAF is organizing once more a seminar after the enforced break which is scheduled to take place on April 27th , 2022 in Grenoble (F) in conjunction with the MOUNTAIN PLANET Exhibition.

As is our traditon, also this year we have chosen highly topical subjects for our seminar with a focus on the safety of the passengers carried. The presentations will show what is being done to increase the level of safety on ropeways. The Study Committee VI, “Optimization of Ropeway and Ski-tow operation”, has been able to invite a number of high-ranking experts from Andorra, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzer-land for the presentations in order to answer the exciting question of the seminar title.

The following are the topics:

  • Progress achieved in development, design and manufacture;
  • devices and equipment to prevent malfunctions and accidents;
  • measures taken by operators for operation, control and maintenance;
  • Activities of the supervisory authorities in the preparation of standards and the supervi-sion of installations;
  • organisation and implementation in the event of passenger rescue;
  • specific statistics demonstrating the very high level of safety 15 speakers will present the seminar in the form of a dynamic presentation “talk show” moderated by Nicolas Perretta.

The translation is available in four languages: German, Italian, English and French.

This seminar will only be held in the morning, leaving the afternoon free for visiting the trade fair. Participation is free, please fill in the online registration form which can be downloaded from the website www.oitaf.org, Events.